Hard Hat

Emergencies strike fast, and response team members must act quickly. But emergencies create hazards for response team members and leaders. You need to protect yourself as you help co-workers.

That's why our hard had is more than a bump cap. This made-in-America hard hat meets ANSI Z89, Type 1, Class C, E, and G requirements. Suspension technology and a low profile protect your head from low and falling objects while providing a comfortable fit. Sleek, well-balanced, and lightweight, it's molded from high-density polyethylene for maximum protection. Ideal for search and rescue operations. Available in white and yellow for high visibility and emergency response team identification. We'll even imprint large orders with your company logo or name.

You can't help others if you get injured. Protect yourself. Order your hard hat now, or contact one of our emergency preparedness specialists for more information.
#31510 Yellow, Each  $12.21 qty
#31511 White, Each  $12.21 qty
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