Emergency Storage Cabinet 100, Blk (sc)

Emergencies strike anytime, anywhere. Is your office prepared to handle one during working hours?

The Emergency Cabinet 100 contains 36 different types of emergency supplies to prepare your office for minor or major emergencies, including earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and power outages. Supplies include food, water, lighting, evacuation equipment and tools, and extensive first aid materials. There's even a pre-packed grab-and-go emergency response kit in case you have to evacuate fast. The free-standing, lockable cabinet includes a key under breakable glass unit for immediate access during emergencies. An inventory checklist with expiration dates for specific items makes this cabinet easy to maintain in readiness order.

Disasters happen suddenly and require immediate response. Make sure your office is prepared. Order the Emergency Cabinet 100 now, or contact one of our emergency preparedness consultants about creating a custom cabinet.


1 Case Food Bars 3600 Calories - 180 Meals
200 Water Packs
Emergency Lighting
20 12-hour Lightsticks 12 Flashlights (D-Cell)
24 D-cell Batteries XL Flashlight w/Battery
Evacuation and Tools
2 AM/FM Communications Radios
4 AAA Batteries (for radio)
5 Whistles
5 Orange Safety Vests
1 Roll of Yellow Caution Tape
1 Utility Rope 50FT
1 Roll of Duct Tape
5 Hard Hats
50 Dust Masks
5 Piece Pliers Set
1 Crow Bar
1 Multi head Screw Driver
5pr Work Gloves
5pr Splash Goggles
First Aid/Trauma
1 Emergency Trauma Bag (complete)
1 Box Latex Gloves 100ct
25 ABD Dressing Pads
10 Roller Gauze
1pr Splints - Arm & Leg
8 Triage Tags
Environmental Supplies
5 Biohazard Bags
10 Garbage Bags
1 Bodily Fluid Cleanup Kit
2 Rolls of Toilet Paper
1 Wool Blanket
20 Space Blankets
1 Emergency Guide
1 Break Glass Key
1 Inventory List
1 Cabinet w/ Lock & Key
#21200 42"H x 36" W x 18"D  $1,795.00 qty
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