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Plastic Backboard (sc)

72" x 16" with pins
Price $275.78
72" x 16" without pins
Price $265.17


Emergencies cause injuries and unsafe conditions. During evacuations, injury victims must be moved as safely and quickly as possible. But people with neck and back injuries need special care.

Our Plastic Backboard offers a safer alternative for moving patients with neck or back injuries. The rigid plastic keeps the spine stable during transport, preventing further injury. The Plastic Backboard is made of a single piece of polyethylene with built-in runners for restraint straps and 12 large handholds for easy handling. It has a low profile, is X-ray translucent, and can take up to 400 lbs. Available with or without pins for quick-securing straps. Restraint straps sold separately.

A stretcher isn't always appropriate for movement of injured workers. The Plastic Backboard is a smart addition to your office emergency response unit. Contact one of our Emergency Planning Consultants now to order or learn more. Call 1-800-585-8506 or click here for LiveChat.

See also Straps for Stretchers and Backboards.

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