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Digital Hand Crank Radio

Price $106.04


In a disaster, electricity may be unavailable for days. But you still need to stay informed and take action.

Our Digital Hand Crank Radio uses the sun, your hand cranking, or three standard AA batteries to deliver several critical functions throughout a disaster, including:
• AM/FM and Short Wave radio reception
• 100 program memory on all bands
• Seven pre-programmed NOAA weather channels with PLL crystal control circuit for stable reception
• Weather alerts
• Multifunction LED flashlight and reading light
• Clock with two alarms and sleep mode
• Thermometer

The build-in solar panel adjusts to follow the sun and can operate the radio even without the built-in, rechargeable battery pack. With the optional AC adapter or USB cord, you can charge the unit from a wall outlet or computer, as well.

Don’t let a disaster leave you in the dark at home, at work, or on the road. Be Prepared with a Digital Hand Crank Radio. Order now!

In the event of a disaster, FEMA recommends preparing to survive without aid for at least three days. Our complete kits for office, home, school and auto make that task easier.
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