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Emergency Action Plans

Would your employees know what to do in an emergency?

Reduce your risk with an updated emergency action plan.
Did you know that you could be liable if you do not meet the required safety standards for your organization?

OSHA requires that employers with 10 or more employees must:
  • Have a written emergency action preparedness program that describes what actions employers must take to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergency.
  • Designate and train a sufficient number of employees to assist in a safe and orderly evacuation of other employees.

Most companies think they have a comprehensive emergency plan.
But the truth is, most do not. Many plans are outdated, lack specific detail and have never been fully implemented. The only way to really assure the safety of your employees and reduce your company's liability is to update your plan regularly and put it into action by training your employees and testing its effectiveness.

SafetyMax does not just provide an emergency plan
-- we help you implement the plan.

We do not have generic off-the-shelf emergency plans. We provide a turn-key solution and customize it just for your company. As the leading company in emergency preparedness since 1991, we offer expert tailored advice and have the experience to make your program successful. We assess your current plans, your environment, and along with your input we develop a plan that meets your needs and assures you are prepared. And then, we make it easy for you to implement your emergency action plan by providing training, equipment and support. With Emergency Preparedness Consulting Service from SafetyMax you will get a comprehensive plan that includes the following:

  • General emergency preparedness information
  • Emergency contact lists
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Emergency procedures
  • Medical procedures
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Addendum with glossary, maps, checklists, and other important resources
  • Emergency action plan implementation support

SafetyMax is the leading provider of emergency preparedness consulting, training and supplies. We offer businesses customized, turn-key emergency preparedness solutions that reduce liability, are easy to implement and assure the safety of employees in the event of an emergency. Protect Your Employees. Protect Your Company. Be Prepared.

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