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LIFE OxygenPac (sc)

Price $477.35


Seconds count in emergency medical situations. For someone in respiratory distress, immediate use of supplemental emergency oxygen can be life-saving.

The LIFE OxygenPac comes ready to use. Simple, two-step instructions are clearly printed right on the tank. Wall mountable for visibility and easy access, LIFE OxygenPac comes with a one-way mask that fits adults and children. It holds a 90 minute supply of oxygen that's easily monitored on the Constant Reading Supply Gauge, and has the advantage of low-cost refills. LIFE OxygenPac meets or exceeds all government and FDS requirements as a non-prescription device intended for emergency use.
*Shipping charges apply (sc)

Emergency oxygen can be critical to recovery from medical emergencies. Contact one of our customer care representatives to order or learn more about the LIFE OxygenPac. Call 1-800-585-8506 or click above for LiveChat.

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