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Commuter Survival Kit

Price $21.50


Commuting is a risky business. Driving related emergencies are among the most common emergencies. You could be forced off the road, caught in a blizzard, or trapped on the road as a result of a disaster.

The Commuter Survival Kit is the perfect solution for road or mobile office emergencies. Specifically designed for travelers, this disaster survival kit is packed with emergency food rations, water, first aid supplies, signaling equipment and other survival essentials. The compact nylon zipper bag is durable and stores easily in the trunk or passenger compartment. Larger orders can be customized to meet your specific needs and imprinted with your company logo.

Traffic-related accidents happen with unfortunate frequency. It just makes sense to be prepared. Order your Commuter Survival Kit today!


1 Red Nylon Zip Bag
1 2400-Calorie Food Ration
3 8-ounce Aqua Blox Water
1 Survival Blanket
1 Flashlight "D" Cell Without Batteries
1 Whistle
1 8-piece First Aid set
1 Auto Emergency Instructions
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