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Survival Hard Hat Kit

Price $36.70


When disaster strikes, the Emergency Response Team goes into action. But to achieve a successful emergency response, every employee needs to be equipped for safety and survival.

The Survival Hard Hat Kit combines emergency response and evacuation equipment with short-term survival supplies, including nutrition, water and basic first aid necessities. When employees are equipped to see to their individual needs, the Emergency Response Team can focus on the bigger problems.

With basic protective and survival equipment, everyone can be part of the solution. On larger orders, our Survival Hard Hat Kit can be customized with specific supplies and your company logo. Call now!


Personal Protection Equipment
1 Hard Hat (ANSI approved)
1 Dust Mask

First Aid
4 Plastic Bandages
2 Antibiotic Ointment packets
2 Antiseptic Wipes
4 3x3 Gauze pads
1 2 Roller Gauze
1 Pair of Latex Gloves

Nutrition and Comfort
2 Water Pouches
1 Food Bar
1 Flashlight
2 D-Cell batteries
1 Space Blanket
1 Light Stick
1 Whistle

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