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Deluxe Office Emergency Kit, 20 Person (sc)

Price $399.00


If a disaster hits during working hours, it's essential to have sufficient survival supplies for every employee readily at hand.

The self-contained Deluxe Office Emergency Kit contains all the essential items needed for 20 people to survive any emergency or disaster at the office. Supplies of food and water, an extensive first aid kit, emergency lighting and communication equipment, and other important disaster survival supplies are stored in two barrels that can be used waste receptacles. For larger orders, SafetyMax will customize the kits with your company logo and specific fill items to meet the needs of your office.

Prepare your office to get through any emergency situation. Contact one of our disaster preparedness consultants today to place your order.


20 2400-Calories Food Ration Packs
20 25 oz. Water Packs

First Aid
123 Piece First Aid Kit

Emergency Lighting and Communication
2 "D" Cell Flashlight
4 Code Red Batteries
6 12-Hour Light Sticks
1 5-pack of Candles
50 Waterproof Matches
1 AM/FM Solar Radio

Shelter and Comfort
1 Tarp 8' x 10'
20 Solar Blankets

Sanitation Supplies
50 Germicidal Tablets
12 Toilet Liners
20 Wet Naps
10 Latex Gloves (pair)
2 Toilet Chemicals
2 Port-a-Potties

Safety and Survival Tools
2 Work Gloves (pair)
1 15 Pry Bar
1 300 Caution Tape
20 Dust Masks
1 Emergency Tote Case

Due to the size and weight of this item, shipping costs may vary depending on the quantity ordered.
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