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Life-O-Gen 15 Min Oxygen Kit

Price $233.35
Replacement cylinder only
Price $109.95


Seconds count in emergency medical situations. For someone in respiratory distress, immediate use of supplemental emergency oxygen can be life-saving.

Life O Gen 15-Minute Oxygen Kit is a single-unit system that delivers a fixed flow (6 liters per minute) of oxygen for up to 15 minutes. Kit includes an oxygen mask with 7' of tubing and a resuscitator mask with one-way valve. Replacement oxygen cylinders also available.

No first aid station is complete without emergency oxygen. Contact one of our emergency response consultants to order or learn more about the Life O Gen 15 Minute Oxygen Kit and Replacement Cylinders. Call 1-800-585-8506 or click above for LiveChat.

Additional Oxygen Masks with Tubing available here.

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