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Fire Safety

Fire, the most geographically widespread disaster, consumes oxygen and replaces it with carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes, leaving you only seconds to escape. Fire safety equipment speeds escape or gives you precious extra time to find a way out.
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Fire Escape Ladder (sc)
Essential fire safety equipment for every home and office
#26405 2 Story  $84.82 qty
#26406 3 Story  $149.00 qty
Emergency Alarm Station (sc)
Compact, cost-effective alarm system
#22127 5" x 4" x 10"  $109.85 qty
Break Glass Key Box
Highly visible box keeps emergency keys safe and accessible
#27465 Each  $54.00 qty
Xcaper Smoke Mask (only) (sc)
Unparalleled protection against smoke from fires
Parat C Smoke Escape Hood (sc)
Whenever a fire breaks out, a quick and safe escape can be a matter of life and death
#26424 Each  $399.00 qty
Xcaper Smoke Mask Kit (sc)
Fire and smoke escape equipment in a convenient hip pack
Xcaper Go Kit (sc)
Fire and smoke escape equipment in a convenient hip pack
Xcaper Travel Kit (sc)
Fire and smoke escape equipment in a travel-sized pouch
Halotron Fire Extinguisher (sc)
Ideal for areas where residue could pose potential problems
#38110 5 Pounds  $240.45 qty
Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher (sc)
The most popular fire extinguisher on the market
#38100 2 1/2 Pounds  $36.02 qty
#38105 5 Pounds  $63.60 qty
Fire Extinguisher Pre-Inspection Tag
Save time and money by having your extinguisher pre-inspected
#38115 Each  $5.25 qty
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