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Sanitation & Hygiene

Widespread disasters can disrupt basic services, such as water. Without running water, sanitation and hygiene become prime concerns. Provisioning your office with emergency sanitation equipment helps maintain a healthy, comfortable environment.
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Folding Port-A-Potty
Compact but sturdy
#27405 Each  $39.95 qty
Port-A-Potty Empty (sc)
Portable "Honey Bucket" toilet for any number of emergency uses
#21315 Each  $29.85 qty
Privacy Shelter (sc)
Compact, portable, easy to erect
#27215 Each  $63.60 qty
Personal Hygiene Kit
Compact, overnight hygiene kit
#27412 Each  $8.95 qty
Facial Tissue
Compact personal pack
#27417 Each  $0.80 qty
Bodily Fluid Cleanup Kit with Case
comes with convenient wall-hanging case
#33419 Each  $21.17 qty
Bodily Fluid Cleanup Kit
Makes clean-up safe and easy
#33420 Each  $21.59 qty
Sanitation & Protection Kit
For safe, effective clean-up of infectious fluids
#27413 Each  $7.37 qty
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