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First Aid Kit Standout Sign, V Shaped

6" x 9" x 4"
Price $16.95


Immediate action is critical in medical emergencies. Make sure employees can quickly find the first aid cabinet with this highly visible "First Aid" sign. Bright green-and-white sign literally stands out, with a V-shaped design that can be seen from the front and sides. Made of durable, high-impact plastic, these alert signs have 1" flanged edges for mounting to a wall or cabinet. Includes pre-drilled holes, screws and adhesive foam tape for mounting.

Seconds count in emergencies. Don't waste any searching for first aid supplies. Order a "First Aid" Standout Sign for your first aid station now!

Is your first aid station as complete as it should be? Contact one of our Emergency Response Consultants to learn about our First Aid and Emergency Response supply management and training services. Call 1-800-585-8506 or click above for LiveChat.

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